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Inspired and conscious people performing in a sustainable manner, motivated to contribiute and become part of a better world, make a solid and coherent organizational culture. Our values reflect the essence of our culture.

We learn every day and we are always willing to improve

We are a group of people united by a bigger mission, even bigger than creating products or brands. Therefore, we always work together and willing to learn with one another and also with the new technologies. Suggestions from people that build history with us are always welcome.

We instigate good practices beyond work

We understand that the purpose we have as our brand brings practices that must be performed beyond work. We motivate our staff and partners to keep thinking in good practices for the planet on daily basis, no matter where they are.

Our values

Our staff is formed by excellent people. We are good people and those who join our path and becomes part of history with us and carries the same value, not only at work , but also on the everyday life.  We are aware of the impact of our work and attitudes have in our present and future, that´s why we always try to do our best.

We believe that companies may be a cooperative force to spread good attitudes.  There must be a balance between purpose and profit and we follow this on daily basis.  Our mission goes along with us and guides us everytime.

Since the beginning of our history we have been innovators in the manner we develop our initiatives and products.  We follow technological innovations and we are always attentive to the news which may improve or facilitate the development of new creative solutions in a sustainable manner.

We allow, through our work, that all realities may have access to sustainable products and that are also good for the planet, changing the way you think , create and consume. We contribute to make artisans´ work even more beautiful because we are inserted in a sustainable development.

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